Wyoming Corporation Filing

Wyoming Corporation Filing

Wyoming Corporation filing or Wyoming Corporation formation is the number one choice for people who need an officer/director structured business.  Wyoming is the best state to incorporate in.  Why incorporate in the first place?  Protect your personal assets and future well being by having your business treated as a separate entity than yourself.  When you consider an llc vs corporation, you must consider a few things:

  •  Is an llc a corporation?  No.
  • What type of corporations does Wyoming offer?  C Corps and Non Profit Corps.  S Corp can be classified through the IRS.
  • Does business incorporation cost anything?  The Secretary of State charges a filing fee for state incorporation fee.
  • Do I have to file Corporation Bylaws?  Not in Wyoming.



Wyoming Articles of Incorporation

Wyoming Articles of Incorporation are needed to form a corporation in Wyoming.  The articles consist of the businesses information.  You will file the Wyoming Articles of Incorporation online, in the mail, in person or have a Wyoming registered agent perform the service for you.  You can have as many articles as you want to fit your custom needs.  There are required articles to file in Wyoming.

You must list the following when performing Wyoming corporation filing:

  1. Name for the corporation.
  2. Registered agent for the corporation.
  3. Mailing address for the corporation.
  4. Principal office for the corporation.
  5. Number of shares of stock.
  6. Classification of the stock.
  7. Value of each share.
  8. An Incorporator.



Wyoming Mailing Address

Wyoming mailing address can be offered by registered agents in the Wyoming agent industry.  Wyoming mail forwarding is an option.  It is not a necessity to form a Wyoming Corporation in Wyoming.  If you use a registered agents address in Wyoming, it is probably a good idea to have mail forwarding just in case you need it for one reason or the other.  You can get free Wyoming mail forwarding with registered agent service and have your Wyoming Corporation filed with privacy.



Wyoming Principal Office

Wyoming principal office listing on the Wyoming Articles of Incorporation is mandatory.  The same holds true for a Wyoming mailing address.  It can be anywhere, not just in Wyoming.  Registered agents offer you to have the principal office address listed in Wyoming to keep your privacy intact.  The principal office for a business is where the records are kept for a company.  Such as the names and addresses of the officers and directors.



Shares of Stock

Shares of stock are listed with the official documents to incorporate in Wyoming.  There a a few things that need to be disclosed when giving the information for corporation stocks in Wyoming.  The information can be amended at a future time with a $50 filing fee from the Wyoming Secretary of State Business Division.

The following is required:

  1. Number of Shares
  2. Common, Preferred or Both
  3. Value of Each Share



Wyoming Incorporator

Wyoming Incorporator is a title invented by the Wyoming Secretary of State.  This person or entity will sign the Articles of Incorporation.  Because the incorporator is listed on public search, anyone can see your name and address.  Seems like most people wouldn’t like that, and they don’t.   Hope is not lost though.  Due to registered agents in Wyoming signing as the incorporator, you can stay private and keep your name off the public search.  Being hidden can be useful.  Most noteworthy, you will not be target of crime or advertising campaigns from annoying business owners.



Wyoming Corporation Filing Cost

The fee associated with Wyoming Corporation filing cost is $100 to $102 dollars.  This cost is an initial filing fee charged by the WY Secretary of State.  The fee is very low compared to other states in the union.  You will pay $700 less than you would in California.  The other fees associated with a Wyoming Corporation are low as well.  Due to these low fees.  Maintaining a Wyoming Corporation in the long run is cost effective.



Filing Time Frame

There is a general filing time frame when forming a Wyoming corporation by paper with the WY SOS.  A quote of 3 to 5 business days is given.  That is not too bad considering Alabama takes 6-8 weeks to incorporate.  If you simply file online with Wyoming or have a Wyoming registered agent do it, it can take minutes.  Instant Wyoming LLC online filing was introduced by the office under Ed Murray III, the Wyoming Secretary of State.



Corporation Renewal

Corporation renewal in Wyoming is easy and economically viable.  Online Wyoming annual report filing costs $52.  Pay $50 if you want to file by paper.  With only a two dollar increase, instant online filing for a Wyoming Corporation Annual Report is worth the price.  Many Wyoming registered agents will provide a Wyoming Corporation renewal option and file your annual report for Wyoming.  Be aware of fee increases for such services.