Wyoming Registered Agent

Wyoming Registered Agent

Wyoming Registered Agent Wiki will give you the power by informing you on the most common researched questions about WY Registered Agent services.  Inform yourself before making the important decision on choosing a Registered Agent in Wyoming.  Wyoming Registered Agent Wiki has information complied from years of experience in the Wyoming incorporation industry.  Searching for a Wyo Registered Agent can be quite time consuming therefore becoming a real pain in the behind.  Some lists contain over 100 Wyoming Registered Agents.  That’s too many!  Get the facts here, nothing but the facts.  Save yourself time and money.  We will lead you to the best choice for Wyoming Registered Agent service.

Here are some simple things you should look for when choosing a registered agent to hire in Wyoming:

  • Location
  • Renewal Price
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Incorporation Fees
  • Services Offered
  • Online Account
  • Real Time Services


Wyoming Registered Agent Location

Wyoming Registered Agent location can tell you what you are in for.  If you prefer a local Wyoming Registered Agent, make sure you do some homework.  Don’t be shy, this is your business and you have a right to know.  Having a Wyo Registered Agent located near the Wyoming Secretary of State can be a huge advantage.  You may need a document submitted with a stamped received copy for your records or to show business associates.  Another need may be filing time.  If you need a non online filing done right away, a local Wyoming agent can get it to the WY SOS the same day.

Wyoming Registered Agent Wiki
Wyoming Secretary of State, Cheyenne Wyoming


WY Registered Agent Renewal Price

Wyoming Registered Agent service is a yearly rate with almost all companies.  If you are getting a too good to be true rate or you get free service, then watch out!  The free Wyoming Registered Agent services will charge you a hefty fee the following years.  The low priced registered agent businesses are low service.  You will find things get lost or you won’t even get a response to an email or telephone messages.  Study your next Wyoming Registered Agents price and fee schedule to be well informed.  You would not want an expensive surprise due to your relationship with your Wyoming Registered Agent.


Wyoming Registered Agent Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding is a key piece of the puzzle when you are setting up your Wyoming LLC with privacy.  Make sure your Wyoming Registered Agent offers some sort of mail forwarding.  If you use a Wyoming address for your registered address in Wyoming, you will receive mail.  At that point mail forwarding becomes really important.  You can also obtain Wyoming mail forwarding by purchasing a Wyoming virtual office plan.  The best Wyoming mail forwarding is free Wyoming mail forwarding.  You have to hire a Wyoming Registered Agent.  You are not required to purchase Wyoming mail forwarding to stay compliant with the Wyoming Secretary of State business division or compliance division.


Wyoming Incorporation Fees

There is a mandatory fee for filing a new Wyoming company.  The Wyoming Secretary of State charges a $100 filing fee to start a new Wyoming company.  $102 if you file online.  Wyoming agents will incorporate for you so that you can stay private regarding the Wyoming company you own.



Services Offered by Wyoming Registered Agents

WY Registered Agents offer a wide variety of services for Wyoming incorporation.  Some of these services include the following:

  1. Wyoming Mail Forwarding (Mail delivered to Wyoming then forwarded to your email address.)
  2. Wyoming LLC Formation (Registering a new Limited Liability Company.)
  3. Wyoming Corporation Filing (Registered a new Corporation.)
  4. Wyoming Corporation Kits (Binder to hold incorporation documents.)


Wyoming Mail Forwarding Service

When you use an agents registered address for Wyoming company registration, you will get mail.  Most of it is junk mail.  But if you open a bank account with the Wyoming Registered Agents registered registration address in Wyoming, have people send you invoices and not to mention mail from the Wyoming Secretary of State, you are going to need mail forwarding.  Some people do not need the privacy and will have mail delivered to their own address.  The majority of clients want privacy and utilize Wyoming mail forwarding service.

Wyoming LLC Formation Filing

Wyoming LLC formation filing is the number one service that Wyoming Registered Agents offer.  The LLC offers privacy and charging order protection.  In the past, people starting businesses tend to lean towards Delaware and Nevada incorporation.  Wyoming is the new place to be for privacy and price.  While other states have raised fees due to greed and population growth, Wyoming has offered the same low fee for years.  The Wyoming Secretary of State business division charges $100 to file a new LLC or Corporation.


Wyoming Virtual Office Services

Wyoming virtual office solutions can be very helpful for maintaining a Wyoming business.  A virtual office can include a Wyoming street address with a unique suite number, Wyoming mail forwarding to your address, Wyoming (307) phone service and other operator options.  You will list the Wyoming virtual office address on incorporation documents, domain registrations, directory lists and anywhere else you need to list your new Wyoming office address.  Wyoming virtual office plans can range from as little as $29 a month to $1600 a year!  There are many options therefore there is a perfect option for you if you need it.  As a recurring bill, a virtual office can be expensive.  Research Wyoming Virtual Office service.


Wyoming Corporation Formation Filing

Wyoming Corporation formation filing is the number two choice for people incorporating in Wyoming for C Corp purposes.  The Wyoming Corporation is similar to the Wyoming LLC except that the entity will have shares of stock and officers instead of managers.  You can have a new Wyoming Corporation in just minutes with online filing.  The Wyoming Corporation consists of Wyoming Articles of Incorporation, the Certificate of Incorporation and Wyoming Registered Agent information.  Online filing costs $102 to the Wyoming Secretary of State.  Traditional paper filing costs $100 to the WY SOS.


Wyoming Corporation & LLC Kits

A Wyoming Corp kit is a collection of items to help maintain your Wyoming company.  A corp kit may contain stocks or certificates, your incorporation paperwork, embossing seal and other paperwork associated with your Wyoming LLCs and Corporations.  You can get the kit in a variety of attractive colors and styles.  Wyoming registration agents offer this item as an option.  A corp kit is not required by the Wyoming SOS (Secretary of State).

Wyoming Corp Kit
Wyoming Corp Kit Example. Credit:corpkit.com


Wyoming Public Nominee Services

Wyoming nominee service is used to add an extra layer of protection for your business registered in Wyoming.  Some WY registration agents offer a form of nominee service for Wyoming companies.  The nominee may sign some paperwork or independent contracts for the business.  You need to make up your own mind if you want to get yourself involved in this practice.  Consulting an attorney before using a nominee is recommended.



Wyoming Registered Agent Definition

What is a Wyoming Registered Agent?  A Registered Agent in Wyoming is a person or company that has a registered office located in Wyoming.  The Wyoming Registered Agent must be available to accept any legal documents during specified hours.  Certain records must be kept at a Wyoming Registered Agent office.  The Registered Agent must keep a contact list of the Managers/Members for LLCs and the Officers/Directors of Corporations.  Not having this information can result in large fines from the Wyoming Secretary of States office.


Registered office and registered agent.
Universal Citation: WY Stat § 17-28-101 (2013)

17-28-101. Registered office and registered agent.

(a) Each business entity shall continuously maintain in this state:

(i) A registered office that may be the same as any of its places of business but shall be located at a street address in Wyoming which shall be a physical location where the business entity’s registered agent, or a natural person who has an agency relationship with the registered agent, can accept service of process as provided in W.S. 17-28-104 and is physically present at that location; and

(ii) A registered agent, who shall be:

(A) An individual who is at least eighteen (18) years of age, resides in this state and whose business office is identical with the registered office;

(B) A domestic business entity whose business office is identical with the registered office and which has a written agreement creating an agency relationship with an individual providing for acceptance of service of process as provided in W.S. 17-28-104;

(C) A foreign business entity authorized to transact business in this state whose business office is identical with the registered office and which has a written agreement creating an agency relationship with an individual providing for acceptance of service of process as provided in W.S. 17-28-104; or

(D) A business entity or an individual, at least eighteen (18) years of age, who is:

(I) In the business of serving as a registered agent for more than ten (10) entities, including a registered agent which serves as a registered agent for the entities served by another commercial registered agent; and

(II) Registered as a commercial registered agent under W.S. 17-28-105 and whose business office is identical with the registered office. A business entity registered as a commercial registered agent shall have a written agreement creating an agency relationship with a natural person providing for acceptance of service of process as provided in W.S. 17-28-104.

(b) For purposes of this chapter, “business entity” means a corporation, nonprofit corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, cooperative marketing association, statutory trust or registered limited liability partnership, whether foreign or domestic.

(c) Every registered agent shall certify compliance with the requirements of this chapter on a form prescribed by the secretary of state on the date of registration.

(d) For purposes of this chapter, “written agreement” or “contract creating an agency relationship” means any written document granting a natural person representing a registered agent the authority to accept service of process on behalf of any entity served by the registered agent. A single document may serve as authorization for each natural person representing the registered agent without listing each natural person individually.



Wyoming Registered Agent Registered Agent Service

Wyoming Registered Agent service offered by the pros.  You need a reliable registered agent with reliable services.  Choose the best registered agent in Wyoming.  You can have everything you need in a one stop corporate service hub.  Wyoming Registered Agent service, Wyoming mail forwarding to your address, Wyoming Virtual Office service plans, Wyoming incorporation service with privacy and business management.



Wyoming Registered Agent | Free Mail Forwarding

When you use an address in Wyoming and mail is sent there, you should probably have mail forwarding.  A common practice of a Wyoming Registered Agent is to list the agent office address in Wyoming on the public record.  Many Wyoming Registered Agents offer mail forwarding as a side service.  This means you will pay more in the long run.



Change Wyoming Registered Agents

A fee is not charged to change Wyoming Registered Agents with the Wyoming Secretary of State.  You are not stuck with a bad Registered Agent for the life of your company.  You may change your Wyoming Registered Agent as many times as you wish with the business division at the Wyoming Secretary of States office.  Public record will show how many times you have changed agents and who the agents were.  Switching WY Registered Agents is a easy process and it should be.  No one wants to be stuck with a company that stinks representing their business.



Wyoming Registered Agent Consent Form

To file a new company, reinstate a company or change agents in Wyoming, you must have a consent form signed from an agent.  The Consent to Appoint by Registered Agent form must be signed and included in your paperwork to file a change of agents or to file a new company by paper.  If you file LLCs or Corps online, you can have the form signed by an agent and emailed to you.  This form is proof that you have Wyoming Registered Agent service and that that particular Wyoming agent consents to it.



Compliance Reminders

Choosing a Registered Agent with compliance reminders is a very wise choice.  Getting a simple notification that your annual report is due can make all the difference in managing your Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation.  Make sure you stay on schedule to avoid any fees and dissolution by the state for non compliant behavior.  Wyoming is very easy to keep up with.  The state will send a notice when your annual report is coming due yearly.  Any other notices will include delinquency notices, dissolving notices or other rare notices.



Wyoming LLC Formation | Includes Agent, Free Mail & State Fee!

Wyoming LLC filing services can cost up to $1000 with other incorporation service companies.  You can get a new Wyoming LLC with privacy for a low price.  Have your LLC done in minutes with online filing.  You can get the state filing fee of $100 paid, the first year of Registered Agent service and free mail forwarding.  Having your Wyoming LLC formed by another party can make sure you stay private in the public eye.